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JUST BEEN FUNKED is a young, innovative & edgy label that offers CHANGE & EXCITEMENT at all times! With fresh new product ranges being constantly developed, the JBF range is ever evolving, targeting a wide consumer demographic at all times. Evolved from fashion, nourished by seasonal trends, the JBF range proudly flaunts bright colors like neon, fluorescent & pastels loudly portraying the unique style that has JUST BEEN FUNKED!

The aim is to offer a constant range of core products such as the Just Been Funked Styler, supported by niche ranges that are in sync with the current trends and satisfy the consumers’ demand for new & innovative products. The brand has a commitment to constant product innovation, unique customer selling points & unrivalled performance! With this ethic in mind, the JBF innovation is continually reinforced by a “rock-solid” customer focus & service for ALL the brands offered under the JUST BEEN FUNKED banner.

With an unrivalled warranty & customer service policy, the customer can enjoy full “peace of mind” when they choose ANY product from the JBF range worldwide. JUST BEEN FUNKED, not your average brand, NOT your average company!

Mink Individual Lash (C Curl, 0.20)

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Mink Individual Lash (C Curl, 0.20)

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